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peanut ,sesame ,palm oil refining machine

Place of Origin Jinan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Biodiesel Oil Production Line
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Biodiesel Oil Production Line
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets palm oil extraction plant
Price Biodiesel Oil Production Line
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Supply Ability 20 Set/Sets per Year palm oil extraction plant

Product Features

This treatment technology of Biodiesel Oil Production Line is newly developed by our company Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd., which can meet high quality standards of biodiesel and have many advantages such as fast reaction speed, high conversion rate, vitriol not required to be catalyst, sulphur controlled below 10ppm, small corrosivity to equipment, zero waste water discharge and others. The research of this technology peanut ,sesame ,palm oil refining machine changed the record of using heterogeneous catalyst in old technologies, breaking the history of only having national standard biodiesel but no European standard biodiesel.Our company Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. regards "quality is life"as our enterprise spirit. Our products have already passed relevant International Quality Management System Certifications. Our products are also exported to European Union. We adopt highly abrasive materials and advanced processing technique of peanut ,sesame ,palm oil refining machine, making the devices have long service life and wear-proof performance. We have won a great reputation at home and abroad.

peanut ,sesame ,palm oil refining machine

product description

1. Introduction of palm oil mill

1)Palm oil mill have main ten parts: Reception Station,Sterilizer,Threshing,Press,Clarification, Kernel

Recover, power station, boiler station, water treatment plant, oil storage tank.

2)We use the Fresh Fruit Bunch, because the palm fruit rancidity is very fast, if the rancidity will be

influence the palm crude oil acid value, if the acid value is very high, the refining efficiency will drop.

3)Generally speaking, the palm oil mill be mainly located in Nigeria,Malaysia,Indonesia etc..

2. Main parts of palm oil mill

1) Reception Station: used for loading palm fruit brunch from plantation,transport to sterilizer.

Reception station adopt steel structure and concrete structure. Save equipment cost and construction cost.

Have hydraulic control system, hydraulic door open/off automatic achieve continuous operation.

Reduce operator, operate more easily and improve work efficiency.

2)Sterilizing Tank: The sterilizing tank uses direct steam to process, which can reduce activity of the

enzyme,prevent the rancidity, ensure the good quality of the crude oil. At the same time, it is good for

the threshing process.

3)Threshing station: Fresh palm fruits separate from bunches by thresher rotary drum rotating. Palm

fruits are conveyed to digester by elevator.Empty bunches are coveyed out of factory by scraper conveyor.

Thresher shaft uses once forging technology. The equipment is stronger and has longer life. At the

same time, our company developes non-shaft thresher drived by chain. In this way, it reduces power

loss and saves production cost.

4)Digestor: Inside of digestor, there are some baffle and stirring arm, under the drive of top motor.B

affles break the palm fruit, then heat palm fruit pulp. So that can press oil easily. Get higher oil yield.

Meanwhile there is directly steam inlet digester, to adjust material moisture.

5)Pressing Machine:The palm fruit oil yield increases by adjusting material moisture and temperature

in digester. Digester uses liquid level control, so material can distribute automatically and equipment

runs fully automatically. Pressing machine uses hydraulic control system to adjust spacing between

pressing bolts. So it can be suitable for various palm fruit species and guarantee the oil yield.

6) Kernel Recovery Station: Using air duct system to separate palm shell and kernel. Meanwhile,

using special mud bath equipment to separate palm kernel and shell according to their different density.

So it has high separation rate. There are some fiber cover the palm nut, in order to get palm kernel,

should remove the fiber and palm shell.Fiber and shell is very good resource for boiler fuel.

7)Clarification Station: Oil purifying system, using latest technology, on the premise that guarantee oil

quality, we try our best to reduce machine inverstment and oil loss. In actul production, it has been

verified that using new technology can reduce oil loss below 1.3%.

8)Power station: customers usually use generators to produce power for the plant.

9)Boiler station: Offering high temperature steam to sterilize the palm fruit bunch and so on.

10)Water treatment plant: Offering water for the mill.

11)Oil storage tank: used to store the crude palm oil. Inside the tank, there is heating pipe to prevent the

palm oil becoming solid.

Packaging & Shipping

We offen pack the equipments using bar iron, wooden case, container and so on.

Our Services

Our services about palm oil machineries :

1.Ensure providing complete equipment and its accessories on time.

2.Ensure the installation and adjustment are once accepted.

3.Ensure providing high-quality equipments with Competitive price.

4.Providing new products and advanced technology preferentially;

5.Providing the operating technicians professional training to ensure operate independently.

6.Appointing you a inspector during the installation process.

7.Arranging an professional installation team which will be managed by our PM.

Company Information

Henan LD Group was founded in 1976, after forty years of development and growth, the company has

become a well-known grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprise in China with import and export rights.

In 2002,our company passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, and established the National

Food Processing Equipment Engeering R&D Sub-center and the provincial post-doctoral research base and

other research and development plasforms.

Our company has total assets of over 400 million yuan,and possesses three production plant areas,with a

total area of 900 Mu,and nearly 3,000 employees.It is now capable of producing more than 300 specifications

of grain and oil processing machinery divided into 60 series(including wheat processing,corn processing,edible oil processing,garlic processing, grain grinding,silos etc.)and undertaking 10-3000 ton/day full set of food processing equipment and 5-12 ton/hour full set of seed

processing equipment turnkey projects.Our equipments has already exported to over 30 countries and

cities in the world. Henan LD Group has developed and involved in the development of

12 national standards,of which 8 have been promulgated.And also applied for 79 national patents,

including 12 invention patents,63 obtained the national patents,including 4 invention patents;Moreover,

we has undertaken more than 40 different research projects,including 8 national projects,38 verified s

cientific and technological achievements.The overall technology of the results is of domestic leading level,some have reached the international advanced level.Henan LD Group has won more

than 50 science and technology adwards,leading the development of the industry,and having created

huge economic and social benefits. State leaders Wen Jiabao,Li Changchun,and Li Keqiang

have respectively inspected LD Group and spoke highly of it.


FAQ about palm oil machineries :

Q1 : Which kind of other materials can be processed?

All kinds of oil seeds. For example, sunflower seeds, rice bran, corn germ, palm fruit, palm kernel, coconut, peanut, soybean, sesame, cottonseeds, rapeseed, etc.

Q2 : What's the capacity?

Generally, 10-5000 tons per day. We can also manufacture as per customers' requirements.

Q3 : How long is the warranty?

The main parts of the machine come with one year warranty and after the expiration our engineer is available overseas to do the maintenance work.

Q4 : Can the machine be installed locally?

We can do the turn-key projects or other services according to customers'requirements, according to this condition, our services include manufacturing, purchasing, transporting, installation, training labors etc.

Q5 : How to operate the machine?

Our engineers will be available to guide and train your labors how to operate and run the machine.

If you have any question ,please contact me without any hesitation.

Biodiesel Oil Production Line Totally getting rid of sulfur as catalyst and fully overcoming the problem of equipment corrosion caused by sulfur.peanut ,sesame ,palm oil refining machine Products meet the sulfur content standards since we stopped using sulfur as catalyst.Because we don’t adopt reaction of methyl alcohol and free fatty acid, so no water exists in methyl alcohol, which reduces peanut ,sesame ,palm oil refining machine equipment investment.Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. By reason of not using mineral acid,emission loads of acid water and acid slag have greatly decreased, relatively reducing environmental pollution; Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. Some glycerin can be recycled and utilized continuously for several times, which saves production costs. Biodiesel Oil Production Line Products and raw materials exchange heat continuously for several times, realizing the cyclic utilization of thermal energy and significantly saving production costs of Biodiesel Oil Production Line.Independently researched and developed turbulent flow type tubular reactor peanut ,sesame ,palm oil refining machine can realize continuous reaction at low temperature and product quality can be controlled on-line at any time, which thoroughly solves the instability problem of products generated by kettle type reaction, getting standard products of unified quality.

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NOTE:We can specially design the machine according to your production's features.

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