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10 to 50 TPD high quality mini oil refining plant

Place of Origin Jinan, China (Mainland), Henan, China
Brand Name Biodiesel Oil Production Line
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Biodiesel Oil Production Line
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets 10 to 50 TPD high quality mini oil refining plant
Price Biodiesel Oil Production Line
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Supply Ability 50 Set/Sets per Year mini oil refining plant

Product Features

This treatment technology of Biodiesel Oil Production Line is newly developed by our company Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd., which can meet high quality standards of biodiesel and have many advantages such as fast reaction speed, high conversion rate, vitriol not required to be catalyst, sulphur controlled below 10ppm, small corrosivity to equipment, zero waste water discharge and others. The research of this technology 10 to 50 TPD high quality mini oil refining plant changed the record of using heterogeneous catalyst in old technologies, breaking the history of only having national standard biodiesel but no European standard biodiesel.Our company Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. regards "quality is life"as our enterprise spirit. Our products have already passed relevant International Quality Management System Certifications. Our products are also exported to European Union. We adopt highly abrasive materials and advanced processing technique of 10 to 50 TPD high quality mini oil refining plant, making the devices have long service life and wear-proof performance. We have won a great reputation at home and abroad.

product description

10 to 50 TPD high quality mini oil refining plant

Technical flowchart of mini oil refining plant (The plant is suitable for edible oil refining, like crude palm oil, sunflower oil, soybeat oil, sesame and so on.)

Alkali hot water
Crude oil→ filter→ mix→ reactor→ mix→ reactor→ centrifugal separation→ oil residue
↑ ↓
Phosphoric acid hot water→ mix
degumming oil← cooler ←dry ←centrifuge separation ←mix ←alkali liquor
vacuum steam jet pump ← steam citric acid
↓ ↓
bleaching earth→ mix→ decoloring→ filter→ decoloring oil→ mix→ heat
refined oil← filter ← cool ←deodorizing ←vacuum

Main process introduction of mini oil refining plant

After heating, oil is then carried out with caustic soda to saponify the fatty acids and to ease the removal of the precipitate in centrifugal separator. The contact is made in mixer, and then a short contacting time is allowed in reactor.

Some soft hot water is added to the oil in mixer and is then sent to washing centrifugal separator, where the residual soap is separated from the oil. The oil is dried under vacuum as the residual moisture must be reduced.

Crude oil is fed to the oil-earth mixer through heat exchanger and heater. Prior to bleaching, the bleaching earth is dosed into the oil by means of a volumetric dosing system.

The bleached oil is first de-aerated in a buffer tank, It works at the same vacuum as the deodorizer and acts also as buffer feed capacity. After deaerator, Oil is sent by pump to be preheated by the heat exchange with the deodorized oil to a temperature between 190° and 210°C, and deodorized oil is cooling to a temperature of about 135°C.

Finally, the oil is heated by conduction oil or high pressure steam until it reaches the final deodorizing temperature. After deodorization, the oil is cooled with feeding oil, polished, and pumped into storage tank.This cooling and contact combined with a lower velocity will allow catching nearly all fatty acids distillates present in the gas flow.

Feedstock is heated and pumped to crystallizers. The oil is cooled according to a pre-determined cooling profile by means of controlling the temperature of the cooling medium circulating in the cooling coils. When the oil appears as a thick semi-solid mass (slurry) containing stearin crystals in liquid olein, it is ready for filtration. If the crystallization result is not desirable, the slurry can be circulated through the feed oil heater for re-heating before being sent back to the feed oil tank for re-processing.

When crystallization is completed, the slurry is fed to the Membrane Filter Press for filtration. The operation includes filter feed, filtering, squeezing and cake releasing.

Our Company

Our company is state sophomore enterprises which specialized in manufacturing large, medium and small sets of flour processing equipment, sesame cleaning equipment and other food processing equipment.
Our company has the self-management important and export rights, passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. Company covers an area of 400,000.00m2, 1300 employees, more than 30 domestic well known machinery manufacturing and milling experts, more than 100 people who was graduated in all kinds of grain processing colleges, with assets of 34 million dollar, is the largest food machinery manufacturing enterprises.
Products are well-selling in more than 30 domestic provinces, and also exported to Asia, European, Africa and Americas.
In order to better facing fierce competition, our company’s strategic target is “high grade, strict management, high quality, new technology”, “urgent user anxious, think what customers think” as service policy.

Our Advantages

We are now a leading company in oil production plant field.We supply various oil production plant and
connected equipments.
(1) High oil yield , obvious economic benefit .
(2) Lower residual oil rate in the dry meal .
(3) Improving the quality of the meal .
(4) Low processing cost , high productivity.
(5) Saving energy,saving labor.

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Biodiesel Oil Production Line Totally getting rid of sulfur as catalyst and fully overcoming the problem of equipment corrosion caused by sulfur.10 to 50 TPD high quality mini oil refining plant Products meet the sulfur content standards since we stopped using sulfur as catalyst.Because we don’t adopt reaction of methyl alcohol and free fatty acid, so no water exists in methyl alcohol, which reduces 10 to 50 TPD high quality mini oil refining plant equipment investment.Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. By reason of not using mineral acid,emission loads of acid water and acid slag have greatly decreased, relatively reducing environmental pollution; Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. Some glycerin can be recycled and utilized continuously for several times, which saves production costs. Biodiesel Oil Production Line Products and raw materials exchange heat continuously for several times, realizing the cyclic utilization of thermal energy and significantly saving production costs of Biodiesel Oil Production Line.Independently researched and developed turbulent flow type tubular reactor 10 to 50 TPD high quality mini oil refining plant can realize continuous reaction at low temperature and product quality can be controlled on-line at any time, which thoroughly solves the instability problem of products generated by kettle type reaction, getting standard products of unified quality.

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