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air to water swimming pool heater

Place of Origin ShanDong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Swimming pool heat pump
Certification CE, RoHS
Model Number Swimming pool heat pump
Min.Order Quantity 1 Piece/Pieces
Price Swimming pool heat pump
Delivery Time Contact with us
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Year

Product Features

Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. More than 10 years experience on refrigeration products.Strict Swimming pool heat pump control system for perfect production direction.Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. Strong Research and Development ability for new products air to water swimming pool heater.Complete equipment air to water swimming pool heater and facilities offer large production capacity.Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. Take care service from the sales to technician offer air to water swimming pool heater reliable support.Our products Swimming pool heat pump are designed and produced completely according to European standard, which are oriented as high efficiency and high quality.Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. have applied the CE, CB & ROHS certificate for our products air to water swimming pool heater and get the good technical test report from the Intertek, who is the international famous third party test institute.All our products Swimming pool heat pump will be tested 100% during production and will be double checked by leakage detector before loading.A heat pump air to water swimming pool heater allows you to heat your pool or spa economically. Depending on energy costs, an LD heat pump air to water swimming pool heater can save you up to 80% over propane gas, 50% to 70% over natural gas, and over 600% against electrical resistance heaters. This is the reason why thousands of customers choose a heat pump Swimming pool heat pump to heat their pool, rather than alternative types of heaters.A heat pump simply moves heat air to water swimming pool heater from the air and transfers it to the pool & spa water.


1.Titanium heater exchanger
2.Intelligent defrost
4.Refrigerant: R417A
5.OEM service

swimming pool heater for commercial advantage:

1.Cabinet: Galvanized steel and stainless steel are available

2.Function: swimming pool or SPA room water heater ,COP:4.9
3.Automatic: defrost system, anti-freeze protection
4.Refrigerant :R417A/R407C/R134A/R410A

1.Durable Using advanced patented titanium heat exchanger which can greatly resist the erosion or chlorine ion in water, solid and durable, no harm to human body.

2. Energy saving and environmen friendly Using high-tech heat pump, 65-80% of running cost can save compared with other heating emissions, no air polution.

3. Safety Hydropower isolated, no leakage, safety.

4. Multi-protection High pressure,low pressure,overheating,overload,phase sequence,discharge temperature,and so on.

5. Advanced control and easy operation Microcomputer control, LCD display, super power failure memory and timing on/off function, and with remote on/off and mode select control.

6. Working quietly With low noise compressor and fan motor design, unit works quietly.

7. Working environment Normal type is suitable for -5~45°C outdoor ambient temperature.
EVI design product is suitable for -25~45°C outdoor ambient temperature.

OPTIONAL FAN TYPE: Horizontal or vertical type
CASE MATERIAL: Galvanized steel and stainless steel are available


parameter of swimming pool heater

Heating capacity KW 6 8 12.6 21 26 42 48
Power input KW 1.25 1.75 2.8 4.65 5.3 9.2 11.4
Power supply V 220 220 220/380 220/380 380 220/380 380
Frequency HZ 50/60
Running current
A 4.5 4.8 13\8 26\11 16 52\22 32
Quantity of
/ 1 1 1 1 1 2 2
Quantity of fan / 1 1 1 1 1 2 2
Power input of Fan W 200 200 200 200 200 200*2 200*2
Fan rotate speed RPM 830 830 850 850 850
Noise dB(A) 43 43 50 55 55 55 56
Outlet temperature 35
Max temperature 40
Water connection mm 50
Water flow volume m³/h 2~3 3~4 4~5 6~8 6~8 9~11 12~14
Water pressure
Kpa 15 15 15 15 15 15 15
Compressor Brand / Panasonic Copeland / Danfoss
Condenser Style Titanium or Nickel-copper(alloy)
heat exchanger
Evaporator Style hydrophilic
aluminum foil
Throttle Electronic expansion valve
Control system Multifunction, Intelligent
Refrigerant / R417A
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1000*380*610 1000*
Net weight KG 47 57 100 150 165 260 300
Gross weight KG 62 72 115 165 185 320 350
Testing condition: ambient temperature 20℃, inlet water temperature20℃.


Our service

1.LD can supply OEM service for customers.

2.Produce heat pump according to customer's special demands.

3.Supply spare parts according to order quantity.

4.General testing and operational test carried out for every unit before delivery


A heat pump Swimming pool heat pump uses a refrigeration cycle exactly like your refrigerator or air conditioner uses. A proven safe, economical and very trouble-free system.The Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. initial start-up heating time will differ, depending on the size of the pool, the air temperature at the time that you are trying to heat your pool. And some other considerations affect the time also, such as Pool location, Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. Indoor or outdoor pool, surrounding water table level, windy exposed site or sheltered, desired pool operating temperature, required season to use the pool, whether the pool air to water swimming pool heater is covered when not in use and at night, whether it is equipped solar or thermal cover. However, once your pool reaches the target temperature you, the air to water swimming pool heater run time can be as little as only a few hours per day.Your pool's heat loss is directly related to the pools surface area due to evaporative heat loss. By using a pool cover your operational cost of using a heat pump Swimming pool heat pump can be cut by more than 50%.Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. will also reduce evaporative loss of water out of your pool.Not at all, the heat pump Swimming pool heat pump needs a solid concrete base or can be laid on paving slabs. The unit then needs an electrical supply and it is best to get a qualified electrician to install this. And then you only need to finish the plumbing connection with your pool. Please note the heat pump Swimming pool heat pump should be installed after the filter and as the last item before the water returns to the pool.

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