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Chocolate/Coffee Beans/Cashew/Nuts/Peanuts/Potato Chips/Candy/Snacks/Rice/Food Pouch Automatic Multifunction Packaging Packing Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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This filling machine is suitable for filling products with viscosity below 3000cP, such as honey, yogurt,milk, sesame oil, sesame paste and other liquids containing homogeneous soft particles that can flow. Taking 500g as an example, the speed is about 6-10s/bottle.It can work stably,precisely,and easy to clean.


1. Automatically measuring by auger filler which is of high accuracy
2. Color multi-language touch screen, provide easy operation system, machine setting.
3. Multi-function: can used for many kinds of bottle, such as plastic bottle, metal milk cans, glass cup.
4. High production capacity, with double auger filler.
5. PLC provde stable working status.

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