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Small Scale Palm Oil Refining Machinery

Detail processing line of small palm oil refinery machine

1. The neutralizing tank is used for neutralizing acid, and rinse
2. The decoloring tank is for bleaching oil
3. The deodorizing tank is used for deodotization tank
4. The thermal oil furnance provide the heating for production
5. The vacuum pump provide vacumm for bleaching , deodorization which is can reach 755mmkg
6. The air compressor can help filter and remove the bleached clay
7. The filter press is for filtering clay
8. The stream gererator can generate stream distillation
9. The quality of refined oil reached to the standards for edible oil and santitation

Technological process:

1. It's a kind of intermittent small senior edible oil refining equipment.
2.This is the special equipment for degumming,deacidification,decoloration,deodorization
(senior edible oil,salad oil).
3.The complete set of equipment includes heat conduction oil furnace,steam generator.It can process chemical refining withoutpurchasing other pots.
4.Because deodorized tea seed oil,rice bran oil and corn germ oil etc. are with much fat or wax,they should be further dewaxing and degrease.

Vegetable castor seed oil extraction machine for sale
Vegetable castor seed oil extraction machine for sale
1 pcs
200TPD Refined Edible Sunflower Oil Machiney
200TPD Refined Edible Sunflower Oil Machiney
1 pcs
Refined Edible Sunflower Oil Mill
Refined Edible Sunflower Oil Mill
1 pcs
Hot sale sunflower oil making plant, sunflower oil processing line
Hot sale sunflower oil making plant, sunflower oil processing line
1 pcs
600TPD Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Process Machine
600TPD Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Process Machine
1 pcs
60TPD Soybean Cooking Oil Machine
60TPD Soybean Cooking Oil Machine
1 pcs
sunflower cooking oil machine
sunflower cooking oil machine
1 pcs
LD'e advanced soybean oil production line
LD'e advanced soybean oil production line
1 pcs
peanut oil extraction machine
peanut oil extraction machine
1 pcs
peanut oil extruding machine
peanut oil extruding machine
1 pcs
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